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user image 2017-05-18
By: rebelmama45
Posted in: My journey


We lay Yvette to rest today.  Her death has been extremely hard on me.  She was the youngest of us cousins and a light to me in many ways.  She was strong and bright and hard working.  She was a single mom of 4 adorable kids who are now left behind with a future that is in no way secure.  I hope against hope that their dna donors will leave them with their grandmother and let them grow up with the only family they have known in their short lives, in a family that will do their best to make sure they know every day how much their mommy loved them.  It hurts me to no end to be stuck in Arkansas when all of the family that matters to me is in California.  It's at times like these, that I wish I had made different choices in my life and gone out West when I had the chance.  Such is life!  Losing Yvette at such a young age has affected me to the point that my painting has changed.  The simplest things are now mountains to climb over; nothing seems to go right and I have fought the urge to just Quit!  I know it's the grief and that I just have to keep plowing through, I'll get over this hump least my head knows this, the rest of me isn't so sure.


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