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Steam Punk Girl

By: TheArtSherpa
Posted in: Painting Party From Home
Steam Punk Girl

Steam punk is an amazing art style! This painting has a project  for how to create the patina for the background. A how to Draw the girl in that was LIVE on fb. We covered her in two awesome body types. BUT due to enthusiasm to create designs that are even more inclusive I went ahead and made her in 3 body types for the traceable. It is important that in a personal creative Process we create work that has a positive reflection of our world. A positive reflection of who we are and the people we love. I would encourage you to take advantage of the Hair and  Skin quests as well at the 3 trace-ables so that you can create a painting that feels personal. Paint yourself into your steampunk fantasy. 

Draw it :

Background :

The girl:

Pinterest :

Video Link

Facebook Video


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02/28/17 08:23:44PM @cinnamon-cooney:
The link is there right now :)
Leesa McClure
03/02/17 07:17:53PM @leesa-mcclure:
About to start this beautiful painting.
03/11/17 09:53:17PM @kyla:
I really love how your broke this painting down. I really appreciate your video on how to draw the girl!
Lori Riley
09/30/17 05:11:55PM @lori-riley:
I love the unique background on this painting.