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The Art Sherpa Brush 200K Subscriber Giveaway sponsored by Silver Brush Limited

By: TheArtSherpa
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The Art Sherpa Brush 200K Subscriber Giveaway sponsored by Silver Brush Limited

TAS170930.01 - Wild Woman with Trees.jpg



Starts: September 30, 2017    

Ends: October 13, 2017


Entries need to be through the above link. This is how we can track your entries and reach you if you win

Comment under this Blog posting but through our entry form so we know you did :)

3 Winners will be chosen

Prize: The Art Sherpa Contest Prize Pack Valued at $79.35 USD.

Winners announced on the 14th at the LIVE SHOW on The Art Sherpa’s YouTube channel.

The announced winners will be contacted after the live show on the 14th via the email they used on, they will have 72 hours to respond to the email before another winner will be chosen.

Why are you having a contest?

Our Friends at Silver Brush Limited said they wanted to help us celebrate having 200 thousand subscribers on YouTube, Sherpa said “OMG YES QUEEN, Can we give away brushes?”, Silver Brush Limited said, “How about 3 special brush packs, AND we will ship Globally!”... and that's how they came to be our sponsors for this giveaway.

So what do we win?

Enter here through here


You will be given several options 

Each The Art Sherpa contest prize pack contains:

 #8 cloud, #4 Fan, #10 Bright (Goldie locks), #4 casts tongue (not a filbert), #1 round detail

Normally you’d only be able to get these brushes via open stock. Silver Brush Limited put together this special contest prize pack, how awesome is that!?!



3 WINNERS!?!?!?!

YES! 3 winners!!!!

On October 14th we will have a special Live show just to announce the Winners!!

  After the show the winners will be contacted via the email they use to sign in to TheArtSherpa website.

  Winners will have 72 hours to respond to the email. If they fail to do so a new winner will be chosen, and contacted via email.


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09/30/17 05:32:03PM @crazydaisylou:
Congrats on the milestone! It's awesome! My favorite part of painting... Hmm... That's tough. It's a tie between taking my mind off of my life, getting to focus on something that usually calms me, and being able to create something.
Heidi Tucker
09/30/17 06:09:42PM @heidi-tucker:
Well, I'm guessing this is where we post a comment to win the brushes. LOL I love painting with my mom. We didn't have a good relationship when I was growing up. Since moving back to Utah after living in the Chicago area for eight years my mom and I have had some very sweet bonding time while painting along with the Sherpa. This means more to me than you will ever know. Thank you so much!
09/30/17 06:14:55PM @jenniferwhite:
Congratulations on 200K. That is awesome. Thanks for all that you do. My favorite part of painting is that it gives my mind something to focus on, a place to rest it. I also love love that moment when you just come out of "the ugly stage" and things start working. Love it. Thank you for all your lessons, for creating a safe facebook community and especially for all of your encouraging words
Shannon Williams
09/30/17 06:19:51PM @shannonwilliamswv:
Wow! It's so amazing that you have so many subscribers! But you guys have worked really hard and deserve it! What I love about painting is that it's relaxing and invigorating at the same time! And it's all thanks to YOU!!! You have given me the courage to try. <3
Sue Clark
09/30/17 06:20:45PM @sue-clark:
Congratulations Cooney's on 200,000 subs AND your partnership with the Silver Brush Company. What I love most about painting is rhe expression of emotion. Whether it be a happy mood, somber, angry, depressed, the paint always makes me feel better & I accomplish something magnificent usually. Love ewes, thank you for sharing your heART.
Samantha Brace-Baker
09/30/17 06:27:34PM @samantha-brace-baker:
Congratulations on the 200,000 subscribers. My favorite thing about painting is the distraction. With all the things running around in my head, its nice to have something that makes everything quiet down even if just for a moment.
Colleen M
09/30/17 06:31:22PM @colleen-m:
So many amazing things are happening for Cinnamon and John! You deserve all the happiness and success the world has to offer. Painting is an empowering creative outlet for me and so many others, and you have opened the door to this world!
09/30/17 06:40:18PM @mona:
My favorite part of painting... is the time when I can relax and forget about everything else... Plus it is a pleasant feeling to create something with my own hands!
09/30/17 06:48:49PM @kristi:
Painting takes me to a different world where I can forget about everything else around me and just be creative in any way I choose. It's like reading a book but instead of just reading the story, you get to create it in a way that nothing else can compare to. But my favorite part is taking a few steps back, several days later, and really seeing something amazing that I never even realized was there. Oh, and having a friends and family come over and seeing them stop and look at something on the wall and ask if I painted that with a look on their face that says something along the lines of 'wow this actually looks pretty cool' is a pretty awesome feeling too! I honestly never thought it was even possible for me to ever create anything I could be proud of...finding someone who showed me that I can has to be one of the best discoveries I've ever made and I feel so lucky and grateful for this wonderful gift that has been brought into my life every single day. Actually, I think another one of my favorite parts of painting is seeing everything through new eyes. I really SEE things now and by trying to capture so many interesting things around me that I would love to turn into a painting, it stays with me and the world looks a lot more beautiful now than it ever did before.
April Gemini
09/30/17 06:54:13PM @april-gemini:
Congrats on this amazing milestone. I am proud to say I have been a Sherpette for over two years and watching your channel grow has been amazing. Like so many others, I found painting at one of my darkest times and it started out as a release of all the bad feelings. It has evolved into a practice that involves "all the feelings." My favorite part of painting is how much the journey of each painting teaches me about myself and my life. It has truly reminded me to be kind to myself and patient. I think it helps that you fill each lesson with those reminders too. Lots of Love to you and your family, the world is a better place with you in it <3
Cathy Pearce
09/30/17 07:09:25PM @cathy-pearce:
200k is so exciting! 200k friends sharing a journey together. I have always been a "crafty" person, but I'm relatively new to painting. I have been painting for about 2 years and it started with a paint class and a major compliment from my husband. That's when I thought hey.. I'm ok at this! This is my stress relief. I have a need to paint and to get out of my head after a long day at work. I'm happy that I have found this outlet!
Sandra Gresham Brown
09/30/17 07:20:47PM @sandra-gresham-brown:
Love love painting. It takes me to my happy place were i forget about everthing bad going on in the world for a while
09/30/17 08:35:47PM @namiedwards:
I love painting because when I'm doing it it's like a special gift that I'm giving to myself , and when I'm done with the piece I can that share that gift with others.
10/01/17 12:14:47AM @kimsim:
Congrats on the 20K! I love your brushes! They are so nice and stiff and hold so much paint! I like how painting takes me away....
10/01/17 01:38:31AM @lpearsonart:
I have waiting for my chance to try out these brushes. I think Jerry's Artarama now has them, so if I don't win, I will try to order some of these brushes! Finally have my paints upgraded to heavy body Golden.
10/01/17 01:59:28AM @athensgirl:
FOUND IT! I have never participated in a blog before. Took me awhile to find this spot.

I absolutely love watching and listening to Cinnamon and John interact, so much fun.

Now to my favorite part of painting. Not real sure yet, I have just started this journey. I love to create quilts with bright fabrics, my mom would have told you I love bright colors. It's true. I think, at least right now, it's the possibility of painting the sunsets I see in my head, the dresses I see in my head, pulling what is in my head out and putting it on canvas that is what I am aiming for. Will I get there? Who knows. I am going to have a lot of fun trying to!

10/01/17 02:07:53AM @cinnamon-cooney:
Thanks to sherpette Michelle S If you click on the 3 lines in top right corner it will tell you if your entry was logged. Took me a little while to learn this. just thought i would share
Lisa A.
10/01/17 02:17:23AM @lisa-a-bash:
When I'm painting, it's the only time I can truly express who I am. Finding you on Youtube was when I finally got the courage to begin fulfilling the dream I kept at bay because I was too afraid I'd fail. Painting brings to life what's hidden inside you. Thank you for giving me that. Congratulations on the 200K. Just goes to show you how valuable your gift to the world has become.
Donna Collins
10/01/17 04:09:50AM @donna-collins:
My favorite part of painting is being able to put my thoughts and feelings onto canvas. It helps me celebrate life and to work through it's tragedies. I am so thankful to have found your channel, and humbled to be a part of your community. Your hearts are beautiful.
10/01/17 06:07:48AM @april:
I love that painting doesn't judge me! It embraces my mistakes even when I don't! Painting allows me to be free to explore, experience, and enjoy the journey that Im on no matter how frustrating it can be for me. Thank you to all the pass, present and future artist for continuing to appreciate the journey.
Yvonne K Pender
10/01/17 01:47:05PM @yvonne-k-pender:
Painting helps me relax and to forget my worries. I love to see how a painting changes according to my choices and how much my mood affects how I paint. I love seeing peoples reactions and how art affects them.
10/01/17 11:28:47PM @yasmeen:
I love painting with the handful of Art Sherpa brushes and Ruby Satin Silver brushes that I have recently purchased. The quality of these brushes are top notch! I would be thrilled to bits to win a set of these brushes.
10/01/17 11:48:29PM @kysejoy:
Painting allows me to escape the world, no matter what I am feeling when I paint I am immediately transformed into the best version of me emotionally. It gives me peace and comfort - this has become particularly evident to me recently after the sudden and unexpected loss of a close family member. Painting has allowed me to work through the grief and given me respite at the same time.
10/02/17 01:34:30AM @debbie-l:
I love painting because all of the bad in the world disappears for a little while. I just zone out and enjoy this time to myself. None of this would have happened had I not come across your site. You, Cinnamon and John, are so much fun to watch and I've learned SOOO much from you. Thank you so much for being you!
10/02/17 04:21:29AM @raunda:
What I love most about painting is the feeling of accomplishment it gives and and the ability to escape into my own world.
10/02/17 10:48:22PM @ghostfox:
Well I'd have to say that painting simply takes me away to another world where there are no problems, no yelling kids, no work, simply time for me.. I painted for many years in the past in oils... very detailed work which took me a long time to finish a piece. Now I have learned to enjoy the opposite. I love the simple things in life and my art... It doesn't need to be a masterpiece.. it just has to please me...
Teri Padgett
10/02/17 10:56:57PM @teri-padgett:
i love painting because it is so relaxing. All the stress, frustrations, thoughts, and feelings of the world can be taken from your mind, leaving you as fresh and clean like newly gesso'd linen.
Dawn Bogart
10/02/17 11:20:08PM @bogartastic:
I'm so thankful that you are giving us this opportunity to win the brushes. I love that I am getting my creative mojo back. That I am working through my pain with paint. I'm finding that painting is relieving my stress and is helping my mood. Your videos have made me happy and I feel like I'm becoming part of a community. So thank you. You guys are awesome.
10/02/17 11:43:56PM @pamelakoskela:
I always wanted to paint but didn't have a clue where to start. I found your channel and after watching a few tutorials i did something i never do..I bought paints some cheap brushes (since i am on a super tight budget) I had my doubts i could actually paint something AND have it turn out. Its helped me relax and gave me a newfound confidence thanks to you. This is a safe community and i love being part of it. You are awesome... you have such talent and I've learned so much from you. thank you
10/03/17 12:54:18AM @leannadalton:
Yay!! I finally get to comment on the blog post!! I looooooooove you guys!!
Trisha Seltenrich
10/03/17 01:44:54AM @trisha-seltenrich:
I would love to win. I've had to quit my job and look after my elderly gramma and painting is my release and relaxation, I've been following the Art sherpa and feel so inspires when I do.
10/03/17 03:17:46AM @seeliefae:
So dreamy
Melinda Miller
10/03/17 03:40:40AM @melinda-miller:
I never thought I could paint, but now I'm running out of wall.
Lori Elizabeth Ahrendt
10/03/17 05:46:20AM @lori-elizabeth-ahrendt:
I love to paint. I would watch my grandmother do beautiful paintings always wishing I was talented enough to do the same. Thank you Cinnamon for teaching me that talent has nothing to do with being able to create a beautiful painting. All you need is the will to learn and patience with yourself to practice and to remember to have fun.
wolfmoondreaming mim
10/03/17 02:05:13PM @wolfmoondreaming-mim:
Congratulations on the 200k subscribers that are growing in abundance! When I paint from your tutorials I become a believer of 'yes I can do it' from your encouraging words and clear, detailed instructions with excellent camera and sound work. Forever grateful.
Ashley Smith
10/03/17 02:26:28PM @ashley-smith:
I love that painting gives me an escape.. a break from life to just be me for a minute... not homeschool mom with papers to grade, not stay at home mom with laundry piled up... not just mom where there are a million things needed to be said to my kids.... i can let all of that go and be me for a quiet moment in time and reset all the stress from the rest of it and stay sane.
Toney Edwards
10/03/17 02:53:02PM @toney-edwards:
I love the relaxed atmosphere of Cinnamon's tutorials and the fun of the live feeds. The most important aspect is being able to return to the lesson at my convenience and paint at my pace and enjoy listening to the lesson again. Cinnamon is an excellent teacher and she and John have such engaging and fun personalities.
10/03/17 09:53:48PM @jorico:
Sherpa video of sunflowers is where I started on this journey, i could never explain the happiness and just contentment I feel when I paint, and I promise I think she understands. I am shy and antisocial sort of person and love having something just for me to enjoy.
Iris Kresge
10/04/17 07:48:21PM @iris-kresge:
i love painting...because it my "me" time. I stumbled across the Sherpa on Youtube years ago while laying in bed sick. I believed her from that very first video that this was possible for anyone. Painting allows me a moment where I can just be without judgment, with schedules, just me and my paints and a sippy sippy, of course. And i secretly want to be good at it...sshhh...don't tell anyone.
Pamela Brooks
10/05/17 12:13:00PM @pamela-brooks:
The thing I love most about painting is that it brings me an inner peace and helps me in times of depression. It brings joy to myself, as well as joy to others. Painting helps to clear my head when my mind is feeling chaotic. It is a calming and soothing experience.
Debbie Thornhill
10/06/17 08:47:15PM @debbie-thornhill:
It has always been my dream to paint. After 33 years I had an opportunity to join a wonderful class, but felt so lost, and kept the class behind because the instructor had to provide her entire class helping me. What was worse I never I have accomplished a painting. I continue go watch as many live videos as possible. However, Cinnamon provides the videos online for all of to work on in our spare time. Additionally, Cinnamon teaches her classes for all levels of painters. She doesn't select a special day for each level, which is great. She gives the class an opportunity to try all paintings. Het Big Art Quest is a specialized class explaining/teaching different techniques. Best of all I enjoy reviewing individual paintings posted after each class. The paintings are awesome. Classmates have come a long way. I care for 2 handicapped individuals, and suffered a sub-dural hematoma this post year. I have been blessed, and it obsorbed back into my body. Hopefully Cinnamon will see me join the class soon. I have missed the process of learning from this class. Cinnamon has a fabulous personality! She is so fun. I wanna win and learn more techniques.😀
10/07/17 02:00:27PM @chalkylady:
I love painting, it takes me to my happy place. No worries, or thinking about anything except what I'm painting.
Bettyann Wilcox
10/07/17 07:32:57PM @bettyann-wilcox:
I love Cinnamon and Jon they saved my life, but more than that they were the reason I've meet all of the other various painters on you tube. All of you I consider to be friends,I have taken baby hoots all the way to being a 3 hooter.Now I feel I can attempt to paint alone or with anyone. I only have GOLDIELOCKS from the sherpa set but it is the Jaguar of my brushes. For this reason I'm hoping to win because the brushes do make a difference.Painting has become the most important part of my life,without it I might be curdled up in a ball under my covers.I can't express enough how much art,painting,and the friendship of this group has meant to me.
10/08/17 01:58:43AM @death-art-inkd:
i have loved many forms of art for along time. drawing and painting are very relaxing and sometimes help keep me feeling somewhat sane. i just started painting again after a long time and i missed it so much. i love watching you paint and challenging myself to new things.
10/08/17 12:56:21PM @mrsmystique333:
I use painting as a form of meditation. Not only do i learn something new each time i paint, but i clear my mind and focus on the now. Releasing what no longer serves me
10/08/17 10:35:48PM @sdoyon:
My favorite thing about painting is that it actually seems to help my Fibromyalgia. Great giveaway!! I love you guys!! ❤️❤️
Dorothy Fischer
10/09/17 03:23:16AM @dorothy-fischer:
What I love most about painting is that I can work through things going on in my life. Also to escape for a while in the painting process from the world around me.
Ally Frost
10/09/17 03:37:55PM @ally-frost:
It's a great stress reliever for me. After a stressful day at work, I'm so ready to unplug and get creative with my 🎨 paint brushes.
10/10/17 03:31:47AM @brianaolsen:
My favorite thing about painting, and pretty much any art form, is the process of creating something new and beautiful. Congratulations on the new paintbrushes! So exciting!
Rachel Miller
10/13/17 06:08:03PM @rachel-miller:
I love painting so much. It really has given me a new perspective when I see pictures and paintings. And after Hurricane Harvey wiping out a ton of my paintings, I'm more determined to attempt to restock. And I have managed to get a few things, but I still need canvases and brushes. I have a few things to paint on, so that's at least nice. Good luck to everyone!
Rachel Miller
10/13/17 06:14:51PM @rachel-miller:
I think what I love the most about painting is the different color combinations you can make and the amazing effects you can do with the different types of products out there. But yes, those are the two things I love most about painting.
10/13/17 07:53:17PM @karen:
I am learning with Cinnamon. She is an amazing teacher. I try to help out in her community by answering those questions I know the answer to. Also, by helping others locate particular tutorials and traceables. I would love to win those brushes so I know what part of my art needs to be worked on... my skills, or my equipment. I recently upgraded to golden, and I'm in a learning curve for that right now. These brushes would be exactly what I need to be able to copy her every stroke !!
Judy G.
10/13/17 07:56:06PM @judy-g:
Painting takes the lonely out of being alone. Good teachers and tools add to the fun.
Kelley Mullins
10/13/17 07:57:09PM @kelley-mullins:
I love the feel I get when I complete a painting. I can lose myself for a couple hours and recharge.
10/13/17 08:18:01PM @chaotic-moira:
I guess for me, and this probably sounds weird, but painting feels like I am communing with my self. My end goal is to have a painting that reflects something inside me. Even though I'm painting your tutorials, so much goes into them. There is a connection.
Kristina Fish
10/13/17 09:03:39PM @kristina-fish:
How awesome and generous this is! I just love your heart and spirit, Cinnamon.
Karen Bruynell
10/14/17 01:56:35AM @karen-bruynell:
My favorite thing about painting is the colors, confidence and community.
Pam Tanino
10/14/17 03:57:34AM @pam-tanino:
Wow!! Congratulations on your 200K Subscribers. A very well-earned following. I love the idea of painting what is in my head (still not there yet with my skills... need to get back to trekking) and surprising myself with the results. <3
10/14/17 05:34:18AM @mystphyre:
This is a fantastic way for me to learn how to paint and has taught me to be able to focus more on the one thing I am doing at a time. Your program and video's help my mental state and allows me to relax and feel better. Thanks to you, I am learning a new skill that I never thought I would be able to do. Thanks for helping me express how I feel.